Avatar de Mona
Chapter 8

On the roof of the future

Like every other time he’d gone onto the roof since the renovation work was completed, Yves Arnoux is impressed by the beauty of it all. He walks with amazement among the aromatic plants and the tanks of rainwater. How wrong he’d been about Mona! He’d been too hasty in judging her, seeing her as a feather-brained dreamer. He only has to look around today to see how wrong he’d been. Behind a flowerbed, he comes upon a man who turns to face him with a smile, pushing a lock of red hair out of his eyes.

– Hello, Yves.
– So, Franck, do we still have pigeons among our tenants?
– Pigeons, crows as well as bees, of course, with the arrival of the hives at the end of the week.
– Is Mona around?
– Yes, just beyond the solar panels.
The fortune-teller is on the phone and waves to Arnoux to wait a few seconds.
– It’s OK! We’ve obtained all the financing we need for the compost bins, she said as she hung up. The participative website worked well. Other buildings in the neighborhood are interested. And, like in astrology, the virtuous circle will be complete: we’ll put our waste in the bins, the compost we recover will be used for the plants in the greenhouse as well as those grown by Jeanne. A greenhouse powered by sunlight via photovoltaic panels: it’s 100% natural! Did you come across Franck?
– Yes, just when I came up onto the roof, answers Yves Arnoux.
– Do you remember when he frightened us? We all kept talking about the man in the raincoat! You even wanted to set up watch towers!
The two neighbors burst out laughing and walk towards the elevator together.
– It would make a good story for a film, adds Mona.
– Absolutely! says Yves. In fact, we’ve been contacted by a film production company. They want to visit the building and, above all, the roof. For their next comedy film. A story about neighbors, it seems. They could learn something from us! Would you agree to show them around?


The elevator door opens
in front of them.



They step inside and they are wrapped in silence for a few seconds.
– I don’t know, Yves, says Mona after a while. The stars are clear about it: no new visitors for several weeks.
Once again, silence. The fortune-teller doesn’t take her eyes off the floor numbers counting down slowly.
– Uh… OK, I accept.


“Anyway, we’ll be seeing
each other again this evening.

8 o’clock in front of the building.”



Yves Arnoux is unable to hide his surprise. So, the old Mona is still there. Some things, after all, never change. And it’s better that way, he thinks, as he steps aside to let Mona pass.