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Chapter 9

The time of reckoning

Jeanne is working in front of the shop, arranging flowers on either side of the doorway. Her question is met with silence. She turns round and pokes her head inside.


“So, are you going to
tell me about this evening?
Give me a clue?”



– Can you hear me or are you doing it on purpose? Come on, just a tiny clue!
Sylvia is invisible, hidden behind an abundance of roses and white lilies. Surprised, she suddenly lifts her head, stands up and emerges from behind the wall of flowers:
– Sorry? Were you talking to me?
– What on earth are you doing? What are you thinking about all the time?
– Do you remember, we talked about payments last time? I think I’ve found a solution that does a lot more than mere payments. It’s really clever. I think it’ll really make things much simpler for both us.
– Well, well! How efficient! For someone who ran away rather than talk about managing her business, who didn’t even dare look at her monthly bank statements… you’ve progressed!

Around them, the decor doesn’t resemble that of a typical florist’s… unless it’s a florist of a completely new kind. Of course, bouquets composed by Jeanne are still on display but they are now shown side by side with the jewels imagined by Sylvia and with other items offered by other creators in the neighborhood. The two young women have set up shop on the ground floor facing the street, having renovated and enlarged the original premises. The concept store today is a little hidden by the tarpaulin that still covers the façade. But, next week, it will host the vernissage of two artists in addition to the usual activities.

– I’ll surprise you, too, Jeanne resumes as she walks towards the office. Last night, I found out about easy ways to develop a site Internet pour des commerçantes website for retailers like us.
– You? But you said you hated computers!
– It’s like you with management. But a lot of things have changed in the past eight months, haven’t they? In any case, we can be visible on the Web. It’s vital!
Sylvia nods, still absorbed by her accounts.
– So, give me just one clue? For your partner?
– Not a word, answers Sylvia. You’ll see like everyone else, tonight, at 8 pm.